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Why Raw Foods?

Raw Foods

Raw Foods, You Say?!  What the Heck?

The struggle is real. I have tried to make Raw Food sound sexy. Even in French, it still doesn’t work.
Nonetheless, I will indulge you about some of the health benefits of incorporating more “Raw Living Foods” into your daily health routine

Raw food is plant-based, natural, uncooked or heat- treated, unadulterated, free from all chemicals and harmful additives, unprocessed / unrefined foods in their most natural state possible.  Meat or animal products are not consumed (yes, no sushi…no fish, no poultry, no white / red or meat of any kind or seafood) and only legumes, grains, beans and seeds that can be sprouted. Also, no commercial soy products, gluten, dairy or dairy products.

avacado toastBasically, if a food comes with a label full of ingredients that I can’t pronounce, I don’t want it. If you don’t recognize it, your body won’t either.
Another important component in living raw foods is to not heat foods higher than 40-45 / 105 degrees. This way you preserve the maximum nutrient content of the foods, including the enzymes.
Raw foods, especially soaked and sprouted, are considered “living foods” or “activated” because the outer “phytic acid” layer gets broken down. This causes the enzymes trapped inside of the foods to be released and available for the body to promote good digestion and good gut health. 

Your stomach is considered your second brain! All health and disease starts in your stomach.
The naturally occurring enzymes in these foods help digestion and promote maximum nutrient bioavailability and absorption. Most importantly, the enzymes in the stomach are free to do many other very important things for the body.

Disease cannot live in an alkaline body!!
Raw foods are very alkaline which means that they are easier to digest, assimilate and expel. The opposite is true for acidic foods, such as red meat, dairy and processed ingredients. These foods are devoid of many nutrients and enzymes and therefore hard to digest and the body can use up to 80% of your stomach enzymes on digestion alone. This creates a deficiency of the enzymes needed for many life-sustaining tasks. This then leads to inflammation.

Inflammation is at the root of all symptoms of disease.
An acidic body ruins our good gut flora and promotes overgrowth of harmful bacteria, etc., including candida and can compromise absorption and create deficiencies of important vitamins and minerals crucial to survival like calcium. In fact, your body will take calcium from your bones to buffer an acidic body. This is directly related to osteoporosis.

raw noodles

Here are a few of the HEALTH benefits of incorporating more raw/live and whole foods into your diet:

*Good gut health and more enzymes
*Removal of harmful substances with natural detoxification of the body
*Alkaline environment in the body for disease prevention
*Relief from the symptoms of asthma, allergies and sensitivities
*Better nutrient absorption
*Reduction of bad cholesterol
*Better brain and nervous system function
*Better cardiovascular and bronchial function
*Hormone balance
*Radiance, energy and vitality
*Reset metabolism and weight loss
*Clarity, mental focus, vitality, recovery, regeneration and stress relief
*Better sleep

Of course there are many reasons for why people would chose to eat more raw living foods including spiritual, ethical, political, economical, and environmental… but the potential for health and longevity cannot be overstated.

Personally, I believe in moderation and that 100% raw, or any one thing, is not practical or sustainable. That does not mean that you shouldn’t still make healthy choices. I advocate any and all small successes and healthy changes to lifestyle, even if it is only the addition of a daily green smoothie as your source of raw foods. Remember that we are all unique individuals. Our vastly different human designs, genetics, native lands, environments, our constantly shifting circumstances and chemistry, and etc., should lead the way with what is good for us. No one diet is 100% good for 100% of people 100 % of the time. BUT, the health benefits of choosing more “plant-based” foods cannot be denied.

I hope that this has helped to empower you in some way to become the best version of you! I look forward to sharing my plant-based and clean eating recipes with you.