Thailand Raw Food Detox & Yoga Retreat

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3rd August 2016
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9th October 2016

Thailand Raw Food Detox & Yoga Retreat

Detox Yoga

Join us at the beautiful Atsumi Retreat & Healing Center in Phuket, Thailand this November for a unique Raw Food Detox & Yoga Retreat with Meditation and Culinary Workshops!

I will be returning to my beloved Thailand in November to facilitate a 7 day Raw Food Detox & Yoga Retreat – yay! There will be daily activities and raw food workshops and Tonya Ruddick will join us from LA to guide you in your daily Asthanga yoga and meditation practice. Please share! Namaste for a good day!  :) xx

Our program promotes a new lifestyle!

It is designed for you to feel what happens when you eat and absorb the most delicious and life-force foods for 7 days while removing all the bad at the very same time. And with our world class instructors of yoga, meditation, daily activities, talks and raw food workshops, you will also feel empowered to continue to eat clean when you return to your every day busy urban routines and family. You will revive and vitalize your system so that your body can once again start to tell you the truth about who you are and what is good for your unique self.

Reap the Benefits of Raw Food

A Raw Food Detox is a gentle and safe, low glycemic menu (low/no sugars) with solid plant-based foods, cold-pressed juices, healthy shots, healing teas, herbal smoothies, probiotics. We give you recommendations for supplements and other detox aids, lifestyle habits and therapeutic sessions, which enhance the body’s natural ability to remove toxins while at the same time offering full nutrition. The menu is also without nuts, and common allergens and designed to give your digestive system a rest and to restore your body and enzymes to an alkaline state of good gut health. Disease cannot live in an alkaline environment. When you enhance the body’s alkaline state, you enhance the body’s health support systems. All recipes are designed with adaptogenic and medicinal foods, herbs and spices to maximize the hormone balance and the natural detoxification of the body and to promote maximum bioavailability for all nutrients and anti-oxidants. We use fresh, pure, local, seasonal and natural / organic ingredients high in nutrition and water content.