Delicious Summer Peach Soup Recipe!

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21st September 2016

Delicious Summer Peach Soup Recipe!

Peach Soup

I made the most amazing summer peach soup to share with you! I used peaches, strawberries, apricots and cherries.  If you want to keep it simple, the fruits in this recipe are interchangeable. Just be sure to keep the total weight the same as in the recipe for whichever fruits you choose. You can also use frozen fruit.

You will need…

*Large mixing bowl
*Hermetically sealed storage container



Whisk the following ingredients together in a large mixing bowl.

177 ml    Fresh Orange Juice (natural and pure
45 ml      Lemon Juice
30 ml      Balsamic Vinegar (2Tbsp)
15 ml      Olive Oil (organic and cold pressed)
40 g        Coconut Sugar (1/4 C)
20 g        Grated Ginger (20 g before peel)
7   g        Grated Garlic (7 g before peel, @ 2 big cloves)
1 tsp       Black Pepper
1/2 tsp    Himalayan Salt

Optional (but I highly recommend ;

1/8 tsp      Fennel Seeds
1/8 tsp      Cardamom (ground)
1/8 tsp      Cinnamon (ground)

…and if you are feeling really fancy…

1/4 tsp    Saffron threads (optional)

Next, prepare and chop your fruit.  No need to fuss too much, just a rough chop will do.  Then you add all the following ingredients to your marinade, mix well and let sit for 12-14 hours or overnight in the fridge in a hermetically sealed container.

750 g      Peaches, chopped (5 peaches)
500 g      Strawberries
330 g      Apricots (5)
270 g      White Onions (sliced)
150 g      Cherries (Pits removed)
20 g        Mint Leaves


After your ingredients have had a chance to sit for 12-14 hours, it is time to add everything to your high-speed blender and let blend for 40 – 60 seconds or until smooth.  BE CAREFUL to first remove the whole cloves if you used them.

Enjoy your peach soup!


*You can see featured in the photo on the right, how I took 6 whole cloves and pierced them into one piece of peach and let sit in the marinade.  Be careful to not lose it as cloves are very powerful and will not be a nice surprise to crunch on later. You can also substitute a pinch of ground cloves in the marinade instead of the whole cloves.

*You can substitute the coconut sugar with honey (if you are not vegan), date or maple syrup, or 3-5 whole dates with the pits removed.

*I think that crushed pistachios make an amazing garnish for this dish.


Riley Salyards for photo credit  insta_Fotor